Your lifestyle hotel in the Zillertal valley

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The lifestyle hotel in Tyrol

What happens when we design outside the box? What happens when push past design conventions, combine old with new, mix styles, find harmony in contradictions, and discover something new?




Huber's boutique hotel has become a home. Not just for our small, feathered friends, but most of all, for the spirit of unconventional thinking. For individuality and friendship. Topped off with a sweet layer of hospitality. Seasoned with a sense of family and timeless values like safety, comfort, and trust.

Make yourself at home by embracing this slower pace of life. Where slow living, slow food, and slow living go hand in hand. Let this cosy feeling of peace and total relaxation carry you to new shores of wellness. Or ascend new summits of well-being.

When design gives rise to new ideas, time slips away and everything can seem so simple. And so beautiful!

From couples’ getaways in a classic double roomto holidays with family or friends in spacious, classic shared rooms, or in our exclusive boutique rooms: Indulge in your own, special moments at HUBER’S Lifestyle Hotel in Tyrol. Gourmet Cosy

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