Dein Boutiquehotel im Zillertal

Summer holiday with garden & pool

Summer in Mayrhofen Vacation in the Zillertal valley

When the sun-kissed mountains of the Alps are carpeted in an enchanting shade of green – summer is here, and whole new season of fun is sure to follow. Summer holidays at Huber's boutique hotel promise more. More hiking. More biking. More summits to conquer. Then more lounging, more relaxing, more rejuvenation and more flavours. Spend a lazy day in the garden or the pool, or enjoy moments of stillness in the Green Spa. Let the restaurant tempt your palate with its exquisite flavours.




That's what holidays are made of. And the memories you'll cherish long after, immortalised in family photo albums or relished in private. Got your script ready? Then we'll gladly be the narrators. Let's make it short and snappy: Stories are feelings. Stories transmit emotions. Stories spark feelings.

Huber's Garden of Eden nature pool Live green!

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