Dein Boutiquehotel im Zillertal

Design hotel Zillertal

HUBER’s boutique hotel: Discover a new take on Austrian holidays

Different. Special. Unique. With an individual design language that shines through its interiors and its cuisine. HUBER’S boutique hotel stands out among Austria's Alpine hotels. This upscale hotel is family owned and designed with loving attention to detail – among the many reasons it's totally unique.

Actually, we're unique in every way. Quirky. Peculiar. Unconventional. And we kind of like it that way.

As free as a bird? Flying to and fro. We draw inspiration from our feathered friends and their intrinsic lightness. The carefree, unburdened way they soar through our world. And the way they each celebrate life with their own unique songs: “tweet tweet or chirp chip!”

But let's not get ahead of ourselves:

you're probably wondering why we're discussing bird songs.
That's easy: Our first guest was actually the white wagtail.

These industrious, long-legged black-and-white birds who dash about wagging their unusually long tails, have been our faithful friends since day one. When the old building of our design hotel in the Zillertal valley was torn down and completely rebuilt, the wagtails were there to greet us every morning on the construction site. Their diverse songs brightened up many a cloudy, rainy day, and to this day, we're still delighted to see these loyal friends and their new chicks every year at the nearby stream!

Plus, they're different. Individual and authentic. Unique. Just like us. Combining a strong sense of self with unique style – sprinkled with unique flavours – for a unique composition. Authentically cool. Authentically ourselves. Authentically different.

I'm the chipper white wagtail!
heissa hopsasa!
Despite being a bird of passage
I always come back to this beautiful place

There's so much uniqueness to see,
so much art and meaning to understand

I was Huber's first guest
Welcome to this beautiful nest!

Inspired by Mozart's "Magic Flute"

Tyrolean traditions, Alpine nature, and individual creativity

All of these come together in the Mayrhofen design hotel through modern design that juxtaposes wood, stone, and glass. The result: a unique atmosphere where you feel at home and ready to relax ...

Austria and the Alps

Untamed environments, rugged landscapes, deep woods, babbling brooks, gentle Alpine meadows – HUBER’S Inspiration.

The Zillertal valley and its guests.

Modern Alpine decor, creative cuisine, warm hospitality, down-to-earth people – HUBER’S boutique hotel.

Family Junior Suite

The perfect place for families or friends!

Our Family Junior Suites have a separate separated living room on which a…

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