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About Klemens Huber

Name: Klemens Huber
Cooking since: 2002
Cooking at Huber‘s since: 2009
When I am not in the kitchen, I am interested in: Music, travel, arts, sport


How many people are in your Kitchen Team and how would you describe the atmosphere in your kitchen?

Depending on the season, three to four persons are involved in preparing the delicious cuisine at HUBER‘S Kulinarium. If I had to name some of the characteristics of our team, I would think spontaneously of high motivation and discipline. Two important factors that allow a small team to achieve great things!

Looking back, what have been the most important points in your career as a chef thus far?

Without doubt: the great apprenticeship I had. I benefitted enormously from working together with Alexander „Alex“ Frankhauser. The time I spent in the kitchens of head chef, Gerhard Kriessmann, also influenced me tremendously and was fantastic experience for my subsequent career.

Creativity and sophistication is the signature of Huber‘s Boutique Hotel cuisine – where do you see the strength of your dishes?

I try to reinterpret the great Austrian classics; give them a cheeky new twist when I’m cooking. Be it adding a dash of different spices or adding an international influence to a traditional theme.

Combining regional cuisine with international deli food

What role does regionalism play in your kitchen?

The use of regional products is, for many reasons, a vital part of my cooking philosophy. The products from our immediate surroundings are so diverse; they inspire me over and again to create new dishes.

Does your choice of meals vary greatly depending on the season – do you offer, for example, a wider choice of dishes with wild game in autumn?

What we offer is strongly affected by the seasons- there are always new dishes appearing on the menu. I try to adapt my meals to reflect the products currently available, which can be very inspiring. Wild game dishes play an important role here again. My father is a hunter, so there is never a shortage of fresh produce.

My home is my inspiration

From where do you draw inspiration for your dishes – which regions and trends affect you most?

My greatest sources of inspiration are the classic dishes from my home country. I like to combine these with new cooking methods. This makes it possible to draw out certain flavours and lend a new twist to traditional dishes.

With regards to your á la Carte Restaurant: What dish, in your opinion as head chef, should food lovers definitely sample in your restaurant?

One dining experience that I would particularly recommend to all our guests is the “Degustationsmenü” – Tasting Menu  - which of course, wouldn’t be complete without a visit to our own wine store!

Which dishes to you prepare yourself and what is your favourite meal when dining privately?

I like to treat myself every now and then to monkfish. Served with a classic side dish of mashed potatoes – a wonderful combination!

Where do you see yourself and Huber‘s Boutique Hotel kitchen in 10 years time?

My goal is to maintain and enhance the high levels of quality we already have in our kitchen. With diligence and motivation, I think we can establish ourselves as one of the best dining establishments in the region.