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Gault&Millau: ‘Huber’s à la carte’ awarded a Gault&Millau toque

The Huber family celebrate their first Gault&Millau toque

Gault&Millau Austria: the 2018 Gault&Millau gourmet guide is out now, with a new Tyrolean addition –‘Huber’s à la carte’ restaurant in HUBER’S Boutique Hotel, Mayrhofen im Zillertal.

29-year-old Klemens Huber is beaming with joy – his restaurant, ‘Huber’s à la carte’, has been awarded its first Gault&Millau toque. This is the highlight of his career so far and fulfils a dream the passionate cook has harboured since childhood.

‘Making my ideas a reality was a risk and represented a huge leap of faith in the beginning. But it has paid off. Traditional cuisine alone always left me bored. I wanted to forge my own path, let my creativity run wild. It’s fantastic that my work has been recognised in this way!’ Klemens Huber

Chef at his parent's boutique hotel since 2009

With his love of cuisine, eating and cooking, Klemens Huber is a chip off the old block. As a child, he would often help out in his parents’ hotel kitchen after school. ‘Even then, I was fascinated by what happened in the kitchen. After school, I often helped our chef with the cooking, and would turn the dumplings. I loved it’, he says, recalling his early kitchen experiences. ‘And cooking has fascinated me ever since.’ 

After training at the five-star Stock resort hotel, he began to work for Alexander Fankhauser who now holds three Gault&Millau toques. ‘That was when my passion for gourmet cuisine really took hold’, emphasises Huber. He left the ‘Lamark’ restaurant in Hochfügen to work for Gerhard Kriessmann, who also has a Gault&Millau toque, at the Schalber wellness hotel in Serfaus. He has been working at his parents’ boutique hotel in Mayrhofen since 2009.

Culinary Delights in the Zillertal valley

It didn’t take him long to put his culinary stamp on the restaurant. ‘It was a big step with some major changes. Making my ideas a reality was a risk and represented a huge leap of faith in the beginning. But it has paid off’, Huber recalls. He believes Mayrhofen is ready for inventive dishes such as ‘young venison with chocolate cannelloni’, ‘lobster foam soup’ and ‘lemon grass-lobster ice cream’. ‘They’ve gone down well with both hotel guests and locals’, he says.

Naturally, receiving his first Gault&Millau toque is the highlight of his career so far. He describes his cooking style as ‘a light and modern twist on traditional, Austro-Alpine cuisine.’ But where does he get his inspiration? Whenever he has the time, he travels (most recently to Hong Kong, the USA and Denmark) in search of gourmet experiences. But even in Austria, he looks up to the culinary elite and thinks outside the box. As Huber says: ‘Taxacher, Reitbauer, Döllerer, Sieberer – Austria’s culinary landscape has many influential beacons. They are incredibly inspiring.’