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HUBER’S Gourmet Hotel: Original taste

Simple yet sophisticated are not contradictions in terms at HUBER’S Gourmet Hotel, but an accurate description of the meticulous preparation of regional products and international delicacies

Taste: more than a word ...

Klemens Huber is the son of the house and passionate head chef at HUBER’S Boutique Hotel. Every day he adds a contemporary twist to traditional dishes – in other words: combines enjoyable with delicious. Terms that characterise his cuisine ...

sustainability freshness vitality careful preparation
  delicate flavour natural spices  



Tyrolean Gourmet Hotel with a special heart

The centrepiece of HUBER’S pleasure-filled world at their Gourmet Hotel in Tyrol is a special idea by the host family:

Instead of allowing the fine wines to slumber in a dark cellar, they are presented more or less on a silver platter.


Dreamy delights in wood and glass

A walk-in wine cabinet – well tempered and gently illuminated – is at the ‘heart’ and connecting section between the hotel lobby, bar and restaurants.

Please take time to browse through our world of fine wines and select a bottle to accompany your meal in the evening. 

Experience honest enjoyment in natural surroundings