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About Klemens Huber

It all starts in the kitchen...

Name: Klemens Huber

Chef since: 2002

Chef at Huber's since: 2009

When I'm not cooking, I like:music, travel, art, sports

Unique initiatives. Unique flavours. True innovation!

My cooking philosophy is centred around sustainability. Seasoned with a pinch of creativity - and above all, with an idiosyncratic spin on time-honored traditions. My cooking is always a little different. With plenty of unique tastes, ideas, and aromas. It's not about finding artificial ways to change authentic ingredients, but rather about finding real joy in my work. This is more than just a career for me, it's a passion.

So I'm always open to new adventures in the world of flavours. I like to design, test out, experiment, study, mix, and re-interpret - and I'm often amazed at the simplicity of the results. How clear and straightforward they can be.

That's also why I believe in markedly seasonal menus.Because I aim high, I draw from nature and the seasons, and I look to my own culinary compass and my guests’ feedback for orientation. My dishes range from wild to mild, from filets to thick cuts of loin.

Regional and international specialties, together under one roof.

Local and foreign and new. 

My kitchen revolves around symbioses and synergies. That means putting my own spin on classic home cooking and embracing the widest possible range preparations, both ancient and modern. The results? Journeys into new worlds of flavour and transforming traditional dishes into culinary innovations.

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