Your lifestyle hotel in the Zillertal valley

Huber’s gourmet hotel

Flavour straight from the source

At HUBER'S gourmet hotel in the Zillertal valley, we balance down-to-earth good sense and sophistication, and find harmony between perfectly executed regional specialties and delicious international dishes.

Fresh herbs

abound in a kitchen that emphasises love

and creativity

Your palate will sing its praises.


Klemens Huber, the founder's son, is the passionate chef behind HUBER’s boutique hotel. In his dishes, he combines everyday traditions with new discoveries, and pairs hearty and vibrant ingredients – basically: they're both delicious and exquisite. Our kitchen emphasises...

  • sustainability
  • fresh ingredients
  • vitality
  • cooking techniques that preserve nutrients
  • refined flavours
  • natural seasonings

The centrepiece of the world of flavours you'll discover at HUBER's gourmet hotel in Tyrol was specially designed by your host family themselves:

Instead of hiding our collection of exquisite wines away in a dark basement, we present them on a silver platter, if you will.

Savor an authentic experience in a natural setting

Delights framed in wood and glass

A walk-in wine cabinet – with temperature controls and soft lighting – is the centrepiece that ties the hotel lobby, the bar, and the restaurant all together.

Take a moment to meander through this world of exquisite vintages, and select the perfect bottle for the evening.

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